Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Sir Pigsly's Finest Hour

Her room was pink. The can that stood on the top shelf in the garage read "Princess Pink."She was a princess, at least that's what her father and mother referred to her as, "their own little princess." In her room at the foot of her pink canopy bed lay a treasure chest filled with princess atire. In the left corner near her closet door stood a whole tower including a puppet theatre where her royal jester would put on shows for this particular princess and her royal court. At this particular moment she was hosting a tea party, invitation only of course, with Sir Bearington, Lady Elizabeth, Mr. Higgings, and her most guest who attended every royal engagement, Pigsly, or at this moment Lord Pigsly.
The princess was dressed in a pink fluffy shiffon dress which doubled as a ballerina outfit. Matching fabulously were her very own pair of pearl white plastic high heel slippers. Upon her hands she wore three rings of different sizes, two small sapphires on her left and one very large ruby on her right which doubled as an lollipop. Around her neck was a lavender toned boa. Atop her head she wore her best tiara bedecked with all sorts of diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and many other rare stones that her guests brought as gifts.

This is me
In my eyes
Hero on heroine
I'm not on heroine
At least you aren't
I moved on
Before I met you
I'm on speed
But not
Reinvented once again
Antoher adjustment
More ass
Less nice
I'm hip
But not
She is sacred cow
Screams from a woman just beaten
This is me
Better than you
The lunch plate without the cash
I'm high
I'm not
Better than everyone
Cars traveling at their own speed
Speed bumps
But not
Not at this speed
Private roads
The equalizer
There she goes
City night glow is all that can be seen ahead
I'm there
The corner of 3rd and 7th
Children to the candy
Candy to the whores
Smells like.......

Bearing Jesus lives

The Jewish were right all along

There is no Jesus

Jesus was only created to represent God

Some people can't handle worshipping nothing

More cynically

He's the spokesperson of Catholicism

He's the Trix rabbit of religion

No one wants a cereal that doesn't have some character

It's not just Jesus




The Goddess of the Moon

All religions believe in a higher being

But have these spokespersons

Marketing tactics

All owned by one parent company

God is Kellogs and Post

Trix Rabbit






Just a way to sell to the masses


Gods chosen people

No wonder

He didn't have to sell Himself to them

Sincerely devoted

He was scared
Scared that the future that he had planned out
Wasn't going to be his future
That something else was planned
Something he hadn't planned
Nor anticipated
Patience wasn't one of his strong suits
He wore it like an ill fitting suit
For all he knew he could be dead
But yet this didn't want to be anticipated
The one he loved
Could turn out to be the one he feared most of all
Yet this is life
Life as we know it
And ever shall

She was about seven

Maybe going on eight

She still retained her innocence

He fed from it

The clock missed the strike of one

Though he didn't

Nor did he miss the strike of two or three

She wasn't ready for this

God no

She wasn't

Screams sound off into the streets

Yet only one came


She was seven

Going on eight

Her birthday would be at exactly one

Tears from a mother

Tears from a child

On the floor

A broken mirror

A child once was

Never to be

Monday, May 08, 2006

Silly lesbians
You'll never be thespians
All giddy and witty with each other
Playing together never thinking of mother
What would she think?
It'd drive her to drink
She already does?
Always having a buzz
Two way hot girls
Playing with each others curls
Kinda hot
Silly lesbians

A knock
An elderly woman answers drunkingly
La policia esta aqui
Bien is good
A child raped
Number one on the song charts
Children sing
The store clerk
An open bottle of red gatorade spilt upon the floor
A mom
In the eyes of those observing
No knock
No answer
La policia no esta aqui

Friday, May 05, 2006

He knew he wasn't crazy, delusional, or stupid. At least this what he
told himself despite the fact people told him different. As far as he
knew they were blind, he even pondered the fact that they were the ones
in fact playing stupid, and that was simply crazy. This came to notion
when he would see something and would notice that another would see but
simply shake it off.
But not only could he see things but he heard them as well. Sometimes
walking thru the woods to school, a light whisper could be heard as if
trees rustling, but if he stopped to listen hard distinct syllables
could be made out. Music could also be heard at times, beautiful,
somewhat resembling a violin but then a pan pipe. But this was brief. He
had found an explanation for this one though, it somehow disguised it
self as a ring tone. He could hear it but he supposed that people when
they heard it thought it was their cellphone or some other technological