Friday, May 05, 2006

He knew he wasn't crazy, delusional, or stupid. At least this what he
told himself despite the fact people told him different. As far as he
knew they were blind, he even pondered the fact that they were the ones
in fact playing stupid, and that was simply crazy. This came to notion
when he would see something and would notice that another would see but
simply shake it off.
But not only could he see things but he heard them as well. Sometimes
walking thru the woods to school, a light whisper could be heard as if
trees rustling, but if he stopped to listen hard distinct syllables
could be made out. Music could also be heard at times, beautiful,
somewhat resembling a violin but then a pan pipe. But this was brief. He
had found an explanation for this one though, it somehow disguised it
self as a ring tone. He could hear it but he supposed that people when
they heard it thought it was their cellphone or some other technological


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you write well. yeah keep it up. peace...

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