Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Sir Pigsly's Finest Hour

Her room was pink. The can that stood on the top shelf in the garage read "Princess Pink."She was a princess, at least that's what her father and mother referred to her as, "their own little princess." In her room at the foot of her pink canopy bed lay a treasure chest filled with princess atire. In the left corner near her closet door stood a whole tower including a puppet theatre where her royal jester would put on shows for this particular princess and her royal court. At this particular moment she was hosting a tea party, invitation only of course, with Sir Bearington, Lady Elizabeth, Mr. Higgings, and her most guest who attended every royal engagement, Pigsly, or at this moment Lord Pigsly.
The princess was dressed in a pink fluffy shiffon dress which doubled as a ballerina outfit. Matching fabulously were her very own pair of pearl white plastic high heel slippers. Upon her hands she wore three rings of different sizes, two small sapphires on her left and one very large ruby on her right which doubled as an lollipop. Around her neck was a lavender toned boa. Atop her head she wore her best tiara bedecked with all sorts of diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and many other rare stones that her guests brought as gifts.


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