Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A green room with a monkey

So last night I had this wierd ass dream but it got so interesting that I continued to sleep just to see where it went. I guess it mostly fascinates me because I usually don't dream and to have a dream so elaborate is queer.

I arrived at a hotel that seemed to be located in the middle of nowhere next to a river. On the outside you see many people about my age celebrating what seemed to be spring break. I go to the river and end up at where it runs shallow and I step in. I immediately see an alligator so I get out and in turn it goes in. I begin to throw rocks at it but then I imagine that it might be getting frustrated and that it might then attack me. So I'm back at the hotel and Arturo is showing me around. The lobby is filled with elderly people which is odd since everyone else outside is so young. They are all dressed differently, some in yacht clothes, others in 40's-esque outfits with long cigarettes and crazy hats and most carrying a martini. They seemed to be having the time of their life.

Somehow the hotel ends up being Arturo's house. Me and him are walking around it and I'm amazed how large it is. The house is kind of dark the walls and floors are all wood and its the decor of a hunting lodge animals and drapes are hung on the wall. We go to a door and Arturo walks in and tells me to wait outside and to not make a sound. He walks out leaving the door cracked a bit and pulls me along the hallyways. We hurry to a room that is up a flight and a woman is standing behind the counter. He tells me that we are hiding. He asks me if I remember the green room with the monkey in it which was the room we last visited and I say yes. He tells me that the reason he showed me this was because he didn't want me to ever wonder what was inside. In reality that was his fathers room and that's why we were hiding his father was on the prowl. We end up leaving this room to follow another hallway and we rush past a door which is cracked slightly and it slams closed, once again the green room with a monkey.

I wake up in bed with Arturo next to me. I look around and its my parents room we are in. I don't worry because I know that they aren't anywhere near. I go accross the hallway and I find my sisters room though one wall of the room is a window overlooking downtown San Antonio. I realize that we are staying/living in the Marriot hotel. My sister walks into her room and tells me that we have to clean the windows outside and I suddenly notice a large blue banner hanging outside. She steps out and I realize that the ledge is way way to small. She makes it to the edge of the blue banner and the ledge has somewhow grown much wider than it originally was. We tie the banner back and clean the windows.

At some point we have to get out of the hotel. I know something bad was happening because I felt scared. It had something to once again do with the green room with a monkey in it and who was in it. He wanted us out.

I am at another house now, well actually walking to another one. IT's a classic southern plantation house, white with a rap-around porch along with a porch swing. Huge pecan trees guard it. I walk in searching for Arturo and walk from room to room. Suddenly someone enters through another door and I'm scared. I know shes looking for me, so I crawl from room to room hiding and she continues searching. After what seems like an hour she gives up and goes up stairs. There's a girl I know somehow, and I escape out a door which shouldn't even be there.

That's all I can remember. I do remember there was something to do with me going to a store that was like Wal-mart. And also a man in the plantation house, me having a conversation with him and smoking a cigarette.


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